How To Choose The Bathroom Faucet?

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When we decorate the bathroom, the problem of how to choose the bathroom faucet often troubles us. We need to consider some problems such as its material, price, durability, etc. However, most people are confused about these standards, so let's learn how to choose the bathroom faucet.

How To Choose The Bathroom Faucet? 

1 Spool

The most important thing in bathroom faucet is the spool. Our common faucet spool includes two types: steel ball spool and ceramic spool. The advantage of steel ball spool is its strong pressure resistance. But the rubber ring is easy to wear and tear and will age. The ceramic spool is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant. It has good sealing performance. It can achieve a high number of times of opening resistance. It will not cause dripping of the nozzle due to the wear of the spool. When you buy one, you can turn the handle of the faucet to feel whether there is any gap between the faucet and the handle and whether it can switch. If the spool is well processed, you will feel light and unobstructed when rotating.



 2 Water flow

The water flow of the faucet is also a point that we need to pay attention to. When choosing the bathroom faucet, you can test the water with the back of your hand. If you can  see bubbles clearly on the back of your hand, the faucet is of good quality. Because the foaming of water flow is determined by the foaming device. If the quality of the foaming device is good, the quality of the overall faucet will also be very good.




3  Weight

The main part of the faucet is usually made of brass, and the purity of brass has a great influence on the electroplating quality. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of brass, the better the electroplating quality, and the less likely the faucet surface will be corroded. Some manufacturers use alloy materials instead of brass to reduce costs. Although it is allowed to use alloy instead of brass, the quality of alloy coating is not good, thus causing faucets to be easily corroded. Therefore, we can test the quality of the faucet by weighing it when purchasing. The heavier the brass, the better the quality.

How To Choose The Bathroom Faucet? 

4 Surface

Bathroom faucets are often in a humid condition. Due to long-term exposure, the surface is easy to oxidize. In order to prevent the tap from being oxidized, the surface of the tap will be plated with nickel or chromium after polishing. Nickel and chromium can resist neutral hydrochloric acid, thus protecting the tap from wear for a long time. Therefore, when we buy one, we can examine the smoothness and see if there are burrs, pores, impurities and on the surface. You can press the surface of the faucet with your finger, If the fingerprint disappears quickly, it means that the surface of the faucet is well treated.

How To Choose The Bathroom Faucet? 

In short, we should pay attention to the spool, water flow, foaming device, faucet surface and manufacturing materials when purchasing, which are all worthy of our careful attention. Selecting a good faucet will bring great convenience to our life. We must remember the above key points when choosing the bathroom faucet.

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